La Voz de Tepejillo
This short film documents one town’s community-building strategies in an era of out-migration: conserving the Mixtec language through community radio, relying on tequios (communal labor) for community well-being, channeling remittances as community investment, and
organizing with the binational coalition, Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales.
Yu Van – or Living Earth, in Zapotec – follows the story of one group of women’s cooperative response to the plummeting coffee prices that forced most men to leave town in search of work.
This film follows the celebration of one migrant’s return home.

A social movement demand for transparent government was taken up by the Workers’ Party and expanded across urban Brazil to include marginalized neighborhoods and citizens in deliberating the city’s spending on public works and other investments. This 40-minute film (part 1 above, part 2 below) follows delegates’ from their homes to the Participatory Budgeting Council to document this experiment in inclusive government.